Database Managed Services

Database Managed Services

Growth and investment in database systems is quickly becoming a challenge for organizations to properly staff and manage. Outsourcing database administration can significantly improve business operations, reduce costs, and mitigate risk by applying senior-level skilled resources and best practices to the task of database administration. Our staff of Database Administrators are all highly skilled and experienced individuals, and work closely with organizations to ensure the appropriate level of availability, performance, and stability for all database systems.

Database Outsourcing

Data is more abundant and available today than ever before. It is captured, harvested, stored and used for virtually every business function and decision. The changing data landscape today requires specialized knowledge, skills and tools, and that DBAs are constantly keeping their skill sets sharp and current. As such, many organizations find more value in outsourcing the DBA function than hiring, training, and maintaining staff DBAs.

Database Administration (DBA) Outsourcing

3RP can meet all of your DBA needs, from temporary staff augmentation to full scale database management outsourcing, either onsite or remote.

Our services include:

  • General DBA Services – Installation, upgrade, patching, tuning and performance benchmarking, backups, cloning, and hardware sizing
  • Data replication services – ETL, Golden Gate, Streams
  • Disaster recovery optimization services – Minimize license requirements to conform to targeted RTO/RPO
  • Database migration services – migration to new hardware, cloud, database version and/or database vendor
  • Database assessment services – Review of existing environment for best practices for: HA/DR/License
  • Utilization/Multi-tenancy/Space management/Monitoring
  • Database release management – Database virtualization and cloning
  • Business intelligence services – Reporting/Dashboards/ETL/data modeling/Big Data/NoSQL