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Cloud Platforms

Traditional, Evolutionary & Revolutionary Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Cloud – Private, Public & Hybrid, Platform Orchestration, Automation

What 3RP Cloud Platforms Mean To You

Drawing on our extensive experience in cloud and infrastructure services, we can put our advice into practice – providing you end-to-end solutions based on any technology that is best suited for your unique challenges.

3RP analyzes your existing environment, identifies opportunities to consolidate or simplify, and proposes improvements in the form of comprehensive platform solutions and frameworks. This provides a solid basis for designing strategies to ensure smooth implementation of a stable, flexible infrastructure platform.
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Cloud Solutions

  • Migration from on premise to cloud
  • Migration between cloud providers
  • Migration from cloud to on premise
  • Disaster Recovery in cloud
  • VPN integration with on premise
  • Non-production deployment to cloud
  • Backup to the cloud
  • Multi-VM deployments to cloud
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Maximizing database license options for cloud

  • Virtual Image
  • XaaS
  • BYOL
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Optimizing your cloud deployment

  • Faster go-to-market thanks to more flexible IT delivery models and the latest technologies and concepts
  • Solutions leverage standardization, virtualization and automation in order to benefit from the efficient use of resources, maximizing efficiency.
  • Lower costs due to standardized, simplified and consolidated infrastructure architectures
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