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3RP Social & Website Submissions

Thank you for coming to the 3RP Social Submissions page. We use this page to give 3RP staff an easy way to submit ideas to post to 3RP’s social networks, website blog posts, and search engines. By doing this we will continue to improve’s page rankings and drive more followers, interactions and, ultimately, opportunities.

Please complete the form below. Don’t worry too much about the copy writing as our digital marketing partner, One 8 & Company, will be tweaking our submissions to optimize them for the web, but do include important bullet points and facts. Your suggestion can really be anything. Here are some ideas:

  • Announcing a new hire or promotion
  • Discussing a new service offering or completed project
  • Sharing kudos received from a happy client
  • Pictures or stories from company outings or events
  • Drawing attention to a relevant news article or industry publication

Don’t worry at all about what you submit. Your suggestions will be reviewed and approved before being published, and if we think we need more information we will reach out. Thanks and happy publishing!