Architecting, Implementing and Managing Oracle DB

Written by Admin Account, April 24, 2019

3RP provides managed services for Symphony Health including architecting, implementing and managing their Oracle databases. With petabyte scale volume, Symphony Health faced risks from archiving thousands of physical tapes of these databases. Extended recovery times and tape corruption prompted Symphony to seek a cloud solution to data archiving and backup. 3RP worked with Oracle to develop a solution utilizing a cloud-based technology that enabled constant data archiving and consistent recovery, supporting petabytes of data.

Approach and Challenges


  • Define success criteria: eliminate error prone hardware, reduce backup time and find a cost-effective solution to the backup and recovery of petabytes of data
  • Coordinate and obtain solution “buy-in” with each of the six companies involved
  • Leverage Oracle Cloud with Fast Connect capability to move data on a private network
  • Develop an Archive Storage solution to spread data and lower monthly costs


  • Until recently, cloud backup and disaster recovery for data this size was not feasible and moving data at a 24/7 frequency had not occurred in the cloud
  • Incomplete technical information and capabilities, which required brainstorming and developing new solutions until the project was successful
  • Basically, Symphony was on the leading edge of a new cloud technologies, requiring 3RP’s architectural expertise, cloud integration leadership and managed services capabilities


Two companies were tasked with creating an architectural solution to secondary database backup in the cloud. The world’s largest web services firm struggled to find a feasible path forward, but the highly experienced team at 3RP developed an iterative solution to archiving and recovering petabytes of data.

The team worked in conjunctions with Equinix to install two 10 GB lines to move data from the client to the cloud using Oracle Fast Connect.


  • 3RP created an architectural solution to move a multi-petabyte DB to the cloud with a near 24/7 backup strategy
  • Reduced the recovery window from months to days in a cost-effective manner
    Greatly reduced the risk of database loss
  • Increased backup security and confidence in data recovery
  • Currently evaluating Phase 2 of business continuity – Recovery to the Cloud

“For years now, we have relied on 3RP as our trusted Oracle technology partner. They identified the opportunity to leverage new cloud capabilities to solve challenges we faced due to our extraordinary scale. Their efforts in architecting, implementing and managing this business critical backup/archival cloud solution has helped mitigate a board-level risk for Symphony.”

Bruce Lucarelli – VP of IT

About Symphony Health

Symphony Health
Blue Bell, PA and Phoenix, AZ (US)
Employees: 500+
Business/Market: Pharmaceuticals

Symphony Health is a pharmaceutical and healthcare company that collects data and provides analytics, consulting services and applications to pharmaceutical sales and marketing professionals. Symphony has two of the largest single instance Oracle databases in North America, which store petabytes of data. The company collects and stores records on every prescription filled daily in North America. This information is used to create strategies that generate pharmaceutical sales and drive brand performance.

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