E-Business Suite Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Written by Admin Account, March 30, 2021


3RP provides managed services for Rockford Fosgate including architecting, implementing and managing their Oracle Ebusiness Suite. Rockford was looking to outsource their entire EBS footprint. 3RP worked with Rockford to develop a solution utilizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solution with 3RP Managed Services.


  • Define success criteria: eliminate error prone hardware, reduce backup time, and include disaster recovery.
  • Design a solution which incorporates both technical and functional outsourcing.
  • Deployed isupplier in OCI to improve business process by 100%.
  • Develop a highly available and outsourced solution.


3RP designed a Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solution which enable Rockford more flexibility while reducing cost. The solution consisted of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and 3RP Managed Services. 3RP is providing a 24 hour uptime solution as well end user functional support. We reduced the number of servers from 7 to 0 in Rockford’s datacenter.


  • 3RP created an architectural solution to accommodate 24 hour manufacturing and functional support.
  • Reduced the recovery window from months to days in a cost-effective manner.
  • Greatly reduced the risk of data loss and uptime.
  • 3RP implemented a SOC2 compliant solution.


“For years now, we have relied on 3RP as our trusted Oracle Managed Services Partner. It only made sense for Rockford to continue the partnership and move our EBS environment up to Oracle’s Cloud.”

Brent Starr – IT Manager

About the Client

Name: Rockford Corporation
HQ: Tempe, AZ (USA)
Industry/Market: Audiophile

Rockford Corporation designs and manufactures high-performance audio equipment for automobiles and home use. Most of its car audio equipment is sold under Rockford Fosgate brands Punch and Punch POWER, and their primary target market is young men aged 16 to 24. Rockford also produces sound amplifiers; signal processors; source units, such as CD players and AM/FM radios; and speakers, including mid-ranges, full-ranges, tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers (a speaker at least eight inches in diameter for bass frequency output). Rockford’s lower-priced line of car audio products are sold through Lightning Audio under the Strike, Storm, and Bolt brands. Home theater products, including state-of-the-art surround sound, are marketed under the Fosgate Audionics brand and professional equipment is sold under the Hafler brand.

The company’s products are available at over 2,300 independent retailers domestically, at more than 400 Best Buy stores, and through distributors and sales representatives in more than 60 countries.

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