Oracle Cloud Managed Services

Written by Admin Account, April 17, 2019

The Challenge of Cloud Adoption

As more organizations migrate workloads and innovate within the Cloud, many face challenges adapting or implementing management processes from traditional data center infrastructure. While the Cloud provides infrastructure, the inherent service model often necessitates specialized skills and a new approach. Organizations are discovering business value is more involved than simply purchasing Cloud, the task of managing, provisioning and maintaining a Cloud deployment require skills organizations have yet to develop.

Realize Value with 3RP Cloud Managed Services

As an Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider, 3RP works with organization’s during all phases of their Cloud Journey, from Vision and Strategy, through Migration and Provisioning, to fully Managed Cloud Services. We can tailor our Managed Service Approach to align business value with service levels and budget.

At 3RP, we focus on Cloud management, operations and support, so our customers can focus on business outcomes. 3RP’s Cloud Managed Services Platform is a robust framework that leverages Cloud-native automation, extensive experience managing Oracle solutions and a focus on customer success.

Oracle Applications and Technology Run Best on Oracle Cloud

While there are many Cloud vendors, none provide the performance and adaptive framework to run Oracle Applications and systems developed using Oracle Technology. 3RP provides specialized Cloud Managed Services for customers looking to benefit from Cloud adoption.

E-Business Suite (EBS)

  • EBS Move-and-Improve to Oracle Cloud
  • Functional Management and Support
  • Patching and Upgrades
  • Custom Development

Oracle Database Systems

  • Data Migration
  • Backup and Archive
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Performance Tuning

Oracle Cloud Process


Traditional monitoring, while important, does not fully address the unique service approach available from the Oracle Cloud. Visibility at both an infrastructure and service layer are necessary to provide a holistic view of the customer’s Cloud ecosystem. 3RP understands this distinction and offers Cloud monitoring capabilities tailored to meet the customer’s need and objectives.


The key to any effective Managed Services engagement is the management aspect. This becomes important as the Cloud ecosystem grows, evolves and adapts to the business. Automation, standardization and delivery are key to making management an integral part of service delivery. 3RP’s Managed Services Platform employs the latest Cloudready automation and best practices. Combined with highly skilled and motivated people, 3RP provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for managing services in the Oracle Cloud.


Obtaining value from any Cloud transition or adoption strategy is a key business objective. The Oracle Cloud provides significant value to organizations that plan and execute effectively. To realize the greatest benefit in both cost and technology, Cloud Optimization is a critical long-term strategy. 3RP provides strategies to identify, manage
and monitor optimization, resulting in highly efficient utilization and lowers costs.


Many organizations are facing increased scrutiny around governance, security and general management practices. This increased focus is often more prevalent given the public nature of Cloud. 3RP works closely with organizations to understand and adopt governance processes within the Oracle Cloud, applying both automation and best practices to align with pertinent business and regulatory requirements.